Here at Calendars By Kitty we want to create the best product with the rarest, coolest and most bad ass bikes and cars ever created!
Kitty has been around a camera since her father bought his first Nikon in the early 60’s.
Riding a Honda 250 at the age of 12 started a love affair with the mechanics of a motorcycle and the thrill of speed and the open road.
Seeing the world through a camera is how Kitty learned to find and capture a woman’s innate beauty and she strives to capture and respect the woman’s spirit in all her work.
You won’t find these bikes on the street, you won’t even see many of them in museums, many are one-of-a-kind survivors of generations of riders and drivers that lived and died to be able to have the privilege to race and drive these works of art.
This is our history, our heritage and our mission is  to document and honor. Enjoy your calendar!
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